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eye protection on the slopes

Ski goggles and mountain safety

Get ready!  The mountains are opening early this year.  Snowfall has started and the ice caps are glistening.  Do you have all you will need to protect you against the extreme conditions?  Prepare yourselves for the slopes before you head READ FULL ARTICLE

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Movember & Sons supporting Prostate Cancer

Growing a mustache to raise awareness of prostate cancer has been an annual event.  Some notable mustaches in history include: Adolf Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, Tom Selleck and Will Ferrell.  You can make an impression also.  Become a "Mo-Bro" by growing READ FULL ARTICLE

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Laser pointers being used dangerously

Laser pointers can be very helpful in school and work presentations, as well as sports such as laser tag.  These tiny devices can sometimes be used harmfully as with pointing them into others eyes or blinding helicopter pilots in the READ FULL ARTICLE

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Surrey is committed to helping out

The City of Surrey has committed itself to reducing waste and keeping the city clean.  Sikh Nation is also campaigning to save lives with their annual blood donation efforts.  Surrey is persistent in setting a good example for others to READ FULL ARTICLE

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