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Red Eyes and Pink Eye

Red Eyes or "Bloodshot eyes" are long-standing and bothersome to many individuals.  They are very difficult to self-treat and do not readily whiten on their own.  There's a variety of causes to the red appearance of your eyeballs.  Learn how READ FULL ARTICLE

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gritty eyes, burning eyes, sandy eyes

Dry Eyes

Eyes can often feel dry, gritty, and irritated.  It feels like somethings in your eyes.  Scratchy and sometimes painful sensations can arise when your dry eyes are crying for HELP!

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buy glasses online

Buying glasses online has its pitfalls

Online companies have offered free or discounted eyeglasses and contacts in the past.  Should we take advantage of these offers?  Do you really save money at the end of the day?  Whats missing?

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pediatric eye exam

Pregnancy and Eye Development

The happiest time for a mother is when she sees her newborn open his/her eyes for the first time.  Those beautiful eyes gaze up at you with such excitement as they begin to explore their new world.

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