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New Colored Contact lens advancements

For Centuries there has been much admiration and fascination with vibrant baby blue eyes.  In today's day many have attempted to acheive that beauty through the use of colored contact lenses.  In the past, colored contact lenses did not come close to the standards READ FULL ARTICLE

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buy glasses online

Buying glasses online has its pitfalls

Online companies have offered free or discounted eyeglasses and contacts in the past.  Should we take advantage of these offers?  Do you really save money at the end of the day?  Whats missing?

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Contact Lens Misperceptions – Get informed

New contact lens wearers dont know any better.  Theres a lot of information that gets lost through the excitement of contacts.  Contact lenses can be a great option for sports and clear peripheral vision. However, contacts come at a price.

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