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Work Safety

Protecting your eyes is very important, as there are only two of them;  with no spares.  An injured eye can lead to loss of vision permenantly.  90% of these injuries are preventable if using appropriate precautions and equipment.

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eye protection on the slopes

Ski goggles and mountain safety

Get ready!  The mountains are opening early this year.  Snowfall has started and the ice caps are glistening.  Do you have all you will need to protect you against the extreme conditions?  Prepare yourselves for the slopes before you head READ FULL ARTICLE

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Laser pointers being used dangerously

Laser pointers can be very helpful in school and work presentations, as well as sports such as laser tag.  These tiny devices can sometimes be used harmfully as with pointing them into others eyes or blinding helicopter pilots in the READ FULL ARTICLE

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Bullied teen and innocent senior lose eyesight

Amanda todd's story has opened the eyes of many.  Bullying has always been an obvious hurdle for many school aged children.  The consequences of such cruel actions can be fatal, or sight-threatening.

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Halloween Safety

10% of pedestrian accidents involve children and occur between 3pm and 7pm.

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Smoking causes blindness

Ever thought to quit smoking? Smokers have all thought to quit at some point or another. The intentions to improve their health and lifestyle may have been the main driving force to quit.  We are aware of the negative consequences READ FULL ARTICLE

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F.U.N in the Sun – Safety Tips

Summer is finally here!  The bright sun managed to find its way through the clouds.  It appears its time for those outdoor activities and fun in the sun.  Its a great opportunity to get away from those long hard days READ FULL ARTICLE

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