Lens Options

Single Vision

Single vision lenses are basic lenses that are made for ONE particular distance. Near-sighted and Far-sighted individuals can uses these glasses to clear their vision in the distance. Middle-aged adults have difficulty with reading and often require single vision readers for near activities.


Bifocals are lenses that are made for TWO different distances. Bifocals help with both distance and near visual activities. They have a small window panel at the bottom of the lenses. The top portion of the lenses are used for distance viewing such as walking and driving. The window at the bottom of the lens is used for near activities such as reading and knitting.


Progressive lenses are highly recommended due to the current day demands for intermediate distances such as computer use. These lenses best simulate natural viewing. The do not have a window at the bottom of the lens, and therefore are more cosmetically pleasing as they look similar to single vision lenses. Progressive lenses have multiple prescriptions fused into one lens. The lenses will allow you to view any distance comfortably and clearly, depending on which portion of the lens you happen to look through.

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