Specialty Products

Safety Glasses/ Sports Goggles

Over 90% of all eye injuries are preventable. Safety glasses are recommended and in most cases mandatory in high risk workplaces. Indications for protective eyewear include: high impact sports, tools (metal/wood), high impact/projectile materials, chemicals, and welding.

Computer Vision Glasses

Symptoms of blurred vision, forehead tension, headaches, tired, heavy, watery, red, or irritated eyes are common complaints of computer users. This is known as “Computer Vision Syndrome.” Computer glasses are specialty glasses that are tailored to relieve eyestrain that is associate with extended computer use.

Myopia Prevention Lenses

Many parents nowadays are troubled by their continual progression of their childs nearsightedness. Much research and studies are currently being conducted to find ways to prevent the progression of myopia. Recent studies have shown promise with special customized lenses for controlling the increase in prescriptions frequently seen in young patients.

Anti-Fog Lenses

Fog is water vapor that sits as droplets on the surface of the lens. Eyeglasses become foggy with temperature changes from a cold to hot environment. Skiing, baking, drinking hot beverages, opening up the dishwasher are some examples when your glasses may become steamy and foggy. Anti-fog lenses are specially coated lenses that help eliminate the fog in those stubborn conditions.

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