Eye Health Exams

Dilated Eye Exams

In an eye examination, an optometrist will use many different machines to measure, document, photograph and track changes in your eyes.  Your full body and eye history is reviewed, along with medications, allergies, and hereditary diseases.  Neurological tests, muscle performance, binocular stability, depth perception, color vision assessment, eye health status and much more will supplement the eyeglass presciption numbers in a comprehensive examination.  A one-on-one discussion with the doctor takes place at the end of the visit to review all test results.  The optometrist will discuss your several options, treatments, and techniques to maintain great vision.  

Diabetic Eye Exams

More than 9 million Canadians live with diabetes or prediabetes, and it is on the rise.  Diabetes is a beast of a disease. It causes damage to all body organs.  The eyes suffer to a large degree when sugar levels are uncontrolled.  Vision and presciptions can fluctuate in a short period of time.  Diabetics require very close monitoring every 6 months by an optometrist.  Diabetics sometimes require additional management by an ophthalmologist.

Seniors Eye Exams

Due to the higher prevalence of disease in the aging population, seniors require a more regular checkup.  Annual eye examinations are the best chance at fighting off chronic eye diseases.

Vision Test/Sight Test (not offered at Active Eyes)

Whats the difference between an Eye Examination and a Vision test?  Confused yet?  Dont worry, you're not alone.  Fortunately, its quite simple.  A Vision test is a test that any untrained individual is able to perform by using an automated machine to test you for your eyeglass prescription.  In most cases they are provided free of charge and are performed within a stand-alone optical.  In a vision test (or sight test), there is no doctor involved and no health tests are performed.  Many diseases and conditions that have no symptoms go undetected and can cause permanant vision loss.  Getting your eyes examined by an eye doctor is the only way to ensure that the health of your eyes has been assessed and appropriately managed.