Children Eye Exams

Pediatric Examinations

Eye examinations can be administered on children as little as 1 years of age. Children should be tested at least twice by the time they are 5 years of age, so that any cases of lazy eyes can be treated before it is too late. Dr Deol recommends getting your child’s eyes tested at Ages 1, 3, and 5, and every year thereafter.

From a developmental standpoint, in order to have any hopes of achieving 20/20 vision in a lazy eye, it is best to treat during the early developmental years of the child’s life. Similar to Glaucoma, a lazy eye can easily go unnoticed. The child will not report any symptoms of blurry vision, squinting, or eye strain, as the “good eye” would be providing clear vision. To give your child the chance to achieve their potential for clear and sharp 20/20 vision, it is critical to ensure their eyes are tested on a regular and annual basis with an eye doctor.

British Columbia’s Medical system provides funding for complete eye examinations to children under the age of 19. Active eyes Optometry provides NO-CHARGE, Free* eye examinations to children 0-18 yrs of age, once a year, through their BC medical Care Card. There is no excuse to hold off on testing your child’s eyes regularly. Whether they wear glasses or not, they should be getting the HEALTH of their eyes examined by an optometrist.

*Free: with a current BC Care Card, children are eligible and covered for an examination annually, and are not charged a copay or userfee by Active Eyes Optometry.

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