Diabetic Eye Exams


Diabetes is on the rise in the world today. It affects every organ of the body. Blood vessel walls are dramatically weakened in this disease. The eyes have one of the smallest blood vessels in the body. These blood vessels can rupture and bleed and cause a lot of damage within the eyes. Regular six (6) month dilated examinations with an optometrist are recommended and covered by the government.

Diabetes can show up in many different parts of the eye. Retina, Iris, and lens can be affected by uncontrolled sugar levels in diabetics. Cataract growth can accelerate much quicker in a diabetic patient.

Vision may differ from morning to night and from day to day as sugar levels fluctuate.

Without appropriate blood sugar control and close management with doctors, the course of diabetes may lead you on the path to blindness. Ensure the health of your eyes by getting a dilated examination every 6 months.

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