Contact Lens Fittings

Spectacle-free Correction

Its nice to be able to take advantage of some of the luxuries that life has to offer. Eyeglasses provide us with a quick and easy way to see clarity in our lives. However, they can sometimes leave behind unwanted nose pad indentations, ear soreness, and the task of carrying around your glasses with you everywhere you go.

Contact lenses offer a second choice for vision correction. They provide you with sharp vision both centrally and peripherally. Your world will no longer be limited to the small window of vision from your narrow eyeglass frames.

Personalized Contact Lens Fittings

Active Eyes Doctors of Optometry can fit you with soft contact lenses that are best suited for your eyes and your daily needs. Contact Lens fittings optimize the vision and comfort of your prescribed contacts. Knowing that you have been properly fitted with an appropriate contact lens will give you confidence that the contacts you wear are the healthiest and most customized fit for your eyes, whether you are a new or existing contact lens wearer.

Many different parameters and measurements affect the fit, vision, health, and comfort of the variety of different lenses available. Slight changes to the prescription, lens material, lens style, lens shape, etc need to be made to eliminate any risk for infections, blurry vision, discomfort, or other ocular hurdles.

Fittings and adjustments are available for single vision, astigmatism(Toric), and multifocal contacts.


Astigmatic eyes are not perfectly spherical and round; therefore, the vision through basic contacts will usually be unacceptably blurry. Astigmatism Contact lenses must be considered for those patients who have large astigmatisms.


Presbyopic Multifocal Contacts lenses are contacts that assist for both far and near vision. They help to act as bifocals, progressives or readers in the form of contact lenses, for those who are not happy wearing readers for near activities.

Contact Lens Training (for first-time wearers)

First time contact wearers are taught how to care for their contacts the correct way. They are trained on how to correctly insert and remove the contact lenses from their own eyes in the office. The new contact lens wearer is sent home to “test-drive” the new pair of contacts for one whole week, then returns to the office for minor adjustments just before a years supply of contacts are prescribed and ordered.

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