Dry Eyes Assessment

"Artificial Tear" eye drops are not always enough

Are you troubled with dry, gritty, burning, red eyes?
Are your eyes noticeably more dry when using the computer or reading?
Are your contacts uncomfortable?

These may all be the result of an underlying issue. Sometimes using artificial teardrops help a little bit, but just don't pull the weight enough to relieve your symptoms. Severe Dry eyes can be a result of surgery, chronic inflammation, infection, allergies, reduced tear production, reduced blinking, sleep apnea, climate changes, severe dehydration or even sleeping with your eyelids slightly open.

Many different treatments are available from artificial tears, punctal plugs, oral supplements, medications, surgery, and behavioral modifications.

A dry eye examination is a medical office visit that does not involve an eyeglass prescription. Medical visits are partially or fully covered through your BC medical CARE CARD. See your optometrist for a personal treatment plan for your persistent dry eyes.

Fore more info: AllAboutVision.com can educate you about treatment for dry eyes and eye strain, and the importance of eye exams.

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